Happy thoughts?

Can’t find ’em. Why is it that even in the simplest, least complicated relationship in existence, Friends With Benefits, people cannot even be honest? Why does every man ever born have to lie? What is so damn hard about telling the truth?

A trend?

Momma seems to be working hard on our relationship, even though I was off and crabby today. This makes me happy, and makes my life much easier.

I am also happy at the possibility of starting a story of my own, of writing again. Maybe…..

Happy New Year?

I’m having a little trouble finding my happy thoughts today.  As it seems I can’t think of anything today that could make me happy, I’ll go with something generally makes me happy.

Tigers. There are still some on the planet, despite humankind’s determined attempt to wipe them out. And aren’t they awesome.


Three Happy Things? I dunno………..

Not even the new year, and I am already falling behind on my plan. So, NOW, I have to come up with THREE things that made me happy over the last three days. Pretty hard for somebody like me.

One thing that makes me happy is MEDS! I have been prescribed meds that may actually HELP me instead of giving me a migraine. I am now doing the med dance. You don’t want to see this.

Another thing that makes me happy is that there is a party coming up, very shortly now. New Year’s Eve is our big night, and will have at least two strangers. Since this a HAPPY entry, I will not speculate on the likelihood that they will be trolls.

Another thing that makes me happy is my Kindle! I love it so much, it should have a face. So I could love its face to space.